Alwx Pall Gives Insight on their Identity to Interview magazine

Alex Pall, one of the Chainsmokers (a DJ/Production duo) had an opportunity to share more about his musical career with Mathias Rozenzweig of the interview Magazine when they called the pair for an interview after the release of their song “Closer.” Mathias was interested to know more about their new song, how they planned to shape their identity as artists and grow their audience having chosen a genre that lacks in imagination and is entirely desolate of emotion.

Alex told the interview magazine that while he was DJing around New York City, he realized that dance music was quickly becoming a part of his life and he wanted to focus more on it. Their manager who was still his manager then introduced him to Andrew Taggart when his partner at the time was withdrawing from the Dj duo. When he met Andrew, they had the same ambitions and were both working towards shaping a similar identity and this immediately confirmed the possibility of them working together, he added.

Mr. Rozenzweig was impressed by the fact that unlike their peers, the Chainsmokers wrote their songs and in most cases, they sung about their lives. Pall responded by saying that writing their songs gave them a chance to have all their songs relate to each other and on songs they didn’t write they would be in the room guiding the songwriters because the songs are about them.

Alex Pall commended the-star-of-the-moment, Halsey, for doing an incredible job on their then recently released hit “Closer.” He informed the interview magazine that she had a strong voice and was defiantly herself throughout the song that they had composed on one of their tours drawing inspiration from Andrews teen years. Alex was excited about the song because he felt like it was on the right track towards shaping their identity.

When Mathias asked them the type of people they thought their music was connecting with, Pall said that he could tell through social media that their music was cutting across all age brackets and that was exciting for them. Andrew added that they had grown from making music for college ravers to making songs that a below 15 and above 30 audiences would relate. Alex finished by telling the magazine that for them, it was about creating a new experience for their fans, therefore promising to consider every age bracket when planning their shows and visuals.

The Start And Success of José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto is among the most prominent people when it comes to incorporation when you are in Brazil. To reach this position was by surprise even before he could hit 30 years of age. This is after taking over from his father Fábio Auriemo, that is at JHSF as the president. He was capable to demonstrate it despite being at the young age. He was a young man who was ready for the responsibilities that were before him and he took the job.

When he was a teenager, he passed through many challenges and experience that helped in shaping his personal visions and entrepreneur skills. He was among the lucky to participate in Japan-based International Corporation for the youth, where they played football in Norway. They also had a chance to train in equestrian with Nelson Pessoa Filho, a prestigious gentleman and more

When he was to chose what to do with his life career based, Zeco, although his friends called him the executive decided to pursue Faap Engineering course. It is after a short time that he came to realize that engineering was not what he wanted for the future. He abandoned engineering and immersed in Business Entrepreneur.

In the 1990s, JHSF had been under major challenges and came to find itself under the field of real estate development and it ended up being among the countries leading player. The company started investing in commercial building incorporation and later it advanced to shopping centers. The company expanded in Stride.

After José Auriemo Neto assumption of the presidential position of JHSF, he decided to start directing the company into the incorporation of luxury. The market proved immense potential during that period. The company’s grand project was Parque Cidade Jardim incorporation which is a large luxury that is located in the region of Marginal Pinheiros. This is according to many experts which were not a necessity to get a luxury complex.

Rocketship Education Helps its Students to Gain Confidence

Not all schools are the same, and in Tennessee, some schools are aware of the academic progress of its students while others are not. Elementary schools in Davidson County have to wait an entire year to find out the growth of their students, and this means that when TNReady results are known, elementary schools will be focused on the proficiency of students. Nashville schools are beginning to adopt another way to track the progress of their students, and this is known as the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress, also known as MAP. This program helps to measure student growth in the school year.

Proficiency scores are very important and can tell if a student is on task or needs a little extra help to catch up. Growth scores determine where a student is despite when and where they started. Over 7,400 schools and districts are using MAP assessments to track the progress of their students, and Rocketship Public Schools have always used this system. Director Joseph has been using MAP in Metro Nashville Public Schools in the last year as well.

Growth is very important for all students but especially for students that come from poverty-stricken homes. Students that are living in impoverished conditions are at somewhat of a disadvantage and tend to be behind in school. Growth makes it possible to see where each student is and is able to help them to not only catch up in their schooling but also to get ahead. If a student remains in the 10th percentile, he or she is much more likely to drop out of school entirely, and this is one reason why it is so important that students stay on task.

Rocketship Public Schools offer personalized learning to their students and create a learning path that fits the needs of each and every one of their students. They help their students to unlock their talents and help parents to help their children to succeed. Rocketship Public Schools are changing communities through education and providing a higher education for its students so that they can achieve success and gain confidence.

Why Shervin Pishevar is Tweeting So Frequently

Unless you’re in the world of tech investments, you have probably never heard of Shervin Pishevar. However, more and more people are learning about who he is because of all of his activity on Twitter. The tech investor has decided to tweet with significant frequency in the past several months.

The Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar created a tweet storm in February when he decided to send out 50 tweets in just under 22 hours. He numbered all of the tweets in order to identify his train of thoughts. He started the first one out by saying that he wanted to make a few predictions.

After sending out all of the tweets, many business blogs began retweeting. They also began making their own comments. It created a significant amount of dialogue about what’s going on in the United States and why people need to be concerned.

Why is he tweeting?

One of the main reasons Shervin Pishevar is tweeting in such a flurry is to show people what he anticipates is going to happen. He wants to express concern for what could happen to the economy if things keep going in their current direction. Additionally, he wants people to open their eyes and take action whenever and wherever they can.

What are the concerns?

The concerns that Shervin Pishevar addresses throughout his tweets cover of a variety of subjects. He expresses that there are five monopolies in the United States that have entirely too much power, including Amazon and Facebook. He also identifies that the current speed of execution in the United States is not nearly fast enough in comparison to other countries. He gave the prime example of China being able to build an entire train station in only nine hours. He has also covered such topics as cryptocurrency, and aggregate drop in the stock market, and much more.

By following him, it’s possible to learn more about the concerns that he has with the country.

Ending the Citizens United Debacle

     The landmark decision by the Supreme Court in the Citizens United v. F.E.C. case changed the political landscape as far as campaign finance is concerned. The decision, which was given in 2010, states that corporations, labor unions, and other similar organizations are free under the first amendment to engage in political campaigning right up until Election Day. This right had been previously reserved for private citizens only, as it was felt that large corporations would be able to influence elections in a way the people couldn’t. Through the limitless and unregulated donations, large corporations can give to candidates through Super PACs, they are able to trade monetary support for political leverage after the election. This puts large corporations at an advantage over private citizens in terms of what policy decisions are being made in their names.

Combating this corruption that has spread through Washington is End Citizens United. They are a not-for-profit Political Action Committee that formed in 2015 with the mission to enact some common sense campaign finance reform in Congress. So far, under the leadership of Tiffany Muller, they have raised almost $35 million to help fund campaigns of candidates committed to campaign finance reform and staunchly opposed to taking special interest money of any kind. That $35 million comes from an average donation of $14, showing the grassroots nature of an organization committed to defending the voting power wielded by the average American.

One of the tools End Citizens United has developed involves disseminating information about some of the congressmen taking special interest money. The “Big Money 20” is a list of the worst offenders of this pay-to-play strategy that has become so rampant in Washington. They take money from Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Wall Street, and others, and in turn, play the role of advocate for their interests whenever a bill comes around that will be of benefit.

A great example of someone who belongs on the Big Money 20 is California representative Duncan Hunter. Hunter is a known Tobacco industry yes-man who earned the name “The Vaping Congressman” for his hard push on legislation easing regulations on the industry, while at the same time receiving a $50,000 bump in donation funds. Hunter is also known for trying to slash funds to the House Office of Congressional Ethics while simultaneously being investigated by said office for misusing campaign funds for personal expenditures including trips overseas and video games.

You may also check for more.

Doe Deere Provides the Perfect Business Model for Success

Doe Deere has an interesting name, and an even more interesting life. Russian born, she grew up in the sprawling city of New York where she studied design and fashion. She found inspiration and was talented enough to start her own company Lime Crime Cosmetics. She also claims the distinction of being the first female entrepreneur to launch a makeup company online. No one can deny that she is a trendsetter and disrupter in her field. She now calls Los Angeles home, and her cosmetic line is colorfully bold and free from harmful ingredients and chemicals.

What Drives Doe Deere’s Success?

Inspiration always comes from somewhere. Deere started out with her own clothing design. She was also a model for her own website clothing line. When becoming frustrated that she couldn’t find the bright colors she wanted, she created her own. This is usually the case with entrepreneurs who find a way to fulfill a need—even it if is their own.

A love for makeup and fairy tales also drives her creative abilities. This love provides the basis for her product line of makeup that is fun and environmentally-friendly. The unicorn is her choice for a company mascot. Many retail and online stores, local and international, carry her product lines.

She started operations in 2004 and sold some of her clothing lines through eBay where she opened her first digital store. It took her less than a year to realize a steady stream of sales. She launched her makeup line four years later. She understood good marketing and provided online tutorials that flourished in popularity.

Education and Experience Always Matter

Education is also critical for success with any endeavor. Entrepreneurs usually have a strong grasp of their own industry trends, and this enables them to get out in front of the competition. Lime Crime taught Doe Deere a lot about fashion trends and how they flow. Another quality of most entrepreneurs is that they simply “do” it. They have no real idea of how things will unfold.

She also blogged about her products and things related to them. Any entrepreneur will attest that blogging can help establish authority on a subject. It is important to express knowledge about topics that a person cares about the most. She offers wise advice to always lend an ear to customer feedback. Customers spread the good news about products they like, and they also spread the news about products they do not like. Joe Deere is up-and-coming, and worthy of the respect she is gaining in her industry.


Connect with Doe Deere on LinkedIn.

Ronald Fowlkes – Former Marine and Successful Businessman

For “former” marines, the mission to serve and protect is never over. Ronald Fowlkes is the Director of Business Development at FirstSpear. He also wears the hat of co-owner. His resume includes having graduated from the Army’s prestigious Jump School. He has also served in the St. Louis Police Department as a SWAT group member. He first affiliated with FirstSpear during his tenure as a marine. He found something special in the organization.


He marveled at the design and durability of the company’s equipment line. The equipment held up well under the toughest of scenarios. His interest really peaked once he learned that FirstSpear manufactures their equipment in his home town. He brought both military and sales experience to FirstSpear. His past placed him in a unique position to understand the company’s mission and what it needs to lead its industry. For more than two decades, Fowlkes has involved himself in the design and development of top-of-the-line gear for enlisted military and law enforcement.


As a spokesman and leader for the company, he loves representing the finest tactical gear on the market. His own experiences inspire him to make such a claim. The company makes much of its money through Department of Defense contracts, business gained in the field, and through trade shows and other marketing programs. The company can also add NATO to its list of affiliates. The company manufactures its products in America. Customer service is king for repeat business and satisfied customers.


Ronald Fowlkes is also a sports enthusiast. His medium blog offers some insights about his interests. OpenSports is an organization that organizes weekly hockey games for people in North Carolina. The truth is Fowlkes has something in common with everyone who realizes success. He focuses on what needs to get done and likely has a daily ritual that he follows.


No doubt, working with FirstSpear helps Fowlkes to feel balanced and centered. Having been a former marine, he likely keeps his body, soul, and mind in balance as well. He knows what focus and commitment is all about, and the good that it can cause in a person’s life.


Dallas, Texas & The Brazilian Butt Lift Revolution

It seems like every time that you turn on the television or every time you read a magazine, the term butt lift appears. The 21st century has been able to make people feel more comfortable as well more liberal. Butt lifts weren’t always a welcomed addition in society. In most cases, butt lifts were generally received by people that was able to spare no expense. Oh how times have changed as these advanced-medical procedures are now being received by people of the middle-class. Unlike the traditional butt lifts that require much more cutting-and-sewing, Brazilian butt lifts can yield just as good results.


Liposuction is heavily used in Brazilian butt lifts. The goal is to get body fat from one body part to the next. Tiny incisions are made right on the buttocks and then the surgeon will work his magic by sculpting the best butt possible. This procedure can last up to three hours because the fat has to be purified before it goes back into the body. General anesthesia will be provided, which will create the perfect relaxed setting for the patient. Some of the major things about butt lift surgery is that you must be able to maintain your body weight before the surgery, and you must retain your body weight after the surgery. Now is not the time to be going on any kind of diet or fasting program.


Any bad habits such as smoking and drinking should be drastically limited or even completely abolished during this timeframe. Another important aspect of butt lift surgery is that the patient must be in good psychological health. If you’re unstable, then there isn’t a doctor/surgeon who will perform this service. Two high-quality mentions in the Dallas region goes to Dr. Bradley Hubbard of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and to Dr. Jon Kurkjian of J.K. Plastic Surgery Center.


Dr. Jake Gottlieb Helps Covenant House

Dr. Jacob Jay Gottlieb, MD, CFA, PRMIA is an investment manager currently specializing in Alternative Investment Specialties such as hedge funds. Dr. Gottlieb is a graduate of Brown University with a Bachelor’s Degree in economics and currently is a managing partner at Visium Assessment Management.


While much of his work these days is in the financial world, Dr. Gottlieb is a medical doctor and graduated magna cum laude from New York University Medical School. He became an internal medicine specialist before becoming captivated by the workings of Wall Street and the financial markets and changing his career trajectory forever.


While Dr. Gottlieb has become one of the most respected financial advisers in New York and across the country, he is also dedicated to returning to those who need it and has worked with numerous charities over the years. One of the most recent is Covenant House.


Covenant House is a charity which has dedicated itself to changing the lives of thousands of homeless children and families. The charity also works to help trafficked children and runaways, too. Covenant House provides these children with housing and deeper support services to help these young boys and girls survive away from the streets and away from people who might wish to cause them harm. Covenant House helps the children they take off the streets adjust to life with a roof over their heads and with options for the future.


As for Dr. Gottlieb, while he spends his days providing his unique insights on the fluctuations and patterns of the financial market, he also volunteers his time and money to charities that need it and can use it most effectively, such as Covenant House. He works directly with homeless children to offer them a future where they can hopefully be healthy and achieve the kind of success that has made Dr. Gottlieb so valued on Wall Street.


Attorney Bruno Fagali Sheds Light On Some Laws Around The World

Bruno Fagali works for Nova / SB as their corporate integrity manager. He also owns his own law firm, Fagali Advocacy. He was born in Sao Paulo and continues to live there today. He has built up a team of lawyers at his practice that has specialties in such legal areas election laws, anti-corruption, compliance, advertising, public law, and parliamentary law. His goal is to offer his clients that highest levels of service and a commitment to working for their best interests at all times.

Bruno Fugal is a champion of compliance integrity program. Starting off his career at the prestigious Pontifical Catholic University, Bruno Fagali majored in law. After that, he joined the University of Sao Paulo to advance his education. On the Fagali Advocacy website, Bruno Fagali operates a blog, called Fagaspress, where he keeps people informed about various legal matters. One recent article of his details what he calls the “Photoshop Alert” law. The specific law he addressed was the one in France which requires any picture that has been digitally retouched to have a warning on it informing people that is the case. The law was enshrined in French Decree 2017-738, he says, and it now makes up part of the French Code of Public Health.


Bruno Fagali says that the reason for this law, and similar ones that might be passed in other nations, is that these retouched images generally show figures that are for all intents and purposes unobtainable by actual people. This has a very negative health effect, particularly on young women, who are striving to obtain a body-type they see in ads all the time that they just can’t have. Somewhere around 30,000 to 40,000 people in France suffer from anorexia and many of them have died of this.

Another legal matter that Bruno Fagali posted an article about had to do with grocery stores slapping their names and logos on their grocery bags. Bruno says that there is a Brazilian law outlining when this is ok to do and when it isn’t. He said that it is fine if grocery stores do this if they are handing out the bags for free. However, he says if they are charging for the bag then it must be free of advertising by law.

The thinking behind this law, Bruno Fagali says, is that company’s shouldn’t be able to charge for bags and then on top of that have free advertising as shoppers leave the store with branded bags in hand. This law is now part of the Consumer Protection Code which provides protection against misleading and/or abusive ad practices.

Learn more bout Bruno Fagali:,da7796c2023b08e3ba5b3e4207d580dffb81cxb8.html