Francisco Domenech Is Powerful Political Figure In Puerto Rico

Francisco Domenech is currently the Managing Partner of Politank where he has served various political and legal business and governmental issues as a powerful political figure in the governmental landscape of Puerto Rico. Francisco Domenech graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and he also continued his education to receive his Juris Doctor as well. As a strong political student at the University of Puerto Rico, Francisco Domenech increased his skill-set in politics and political activities during his tenure in college. He served in positions such as Student Body President and Student Body Council Member.

He has had an illustrious career as a political activist and strategic advisors for various political campaigns and governmental policy amendments that have given him a reputation as one of the leaders in political strategy in the country of Puerto Rico. From the years of 2007 to 2012, Francisco Domenech served as a member of the Democratic National Committee where he provided high-level leadership and direction for the organization within Puerto Rico for various political campaigns and presidential nominations for the Democratic Party. Read this Article at

Furthermore, he served in 2008 as Deputy Campaign Manager for Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Primary Campaign where he served admirably and helped her to achieve a landslide victory over Barack Obama in Puerto Rico as a result of his effort. As a young political figure, he served as a leader of the Young Democrats of America organization that allowed him to provide direction and strategic insight into the young voters and the issues that relate to them that will provide successful campaigns and marketing efforts to push the young voters to the polls.

He also served as the Finance Co-Chair for Ready for Hillary during her presidential campaign in 2016 that helped her to also deliver a landslide victory over Bernie Sanders in Puerto Rico during that presidential primary. Francisco Domenech continues to provide innovative and strategic political direction for Puerto Rico and the Democratic Party that allows him to continue to deliver exceptional results in various campaigns and governmental administration activities that are unparalleled in Puerto Rico. As a result, Francisco Domenech has created the Politank organization to continue those efforts of delivering high-level experience and analysis that positions him as an extremely powerful political figure in the Puerto Rico governmental landscape. View:


Anthony Petrello Charity Initiatives

Tony Petrello is prominently known as the CEO and president of Nabors Industries. He joined the Nabor Industries in 1991 and has worked in different capacities to steer the company on the right path. For instance, he is acclaimed for the recent expansions that have helped the company edge the competition in the market. The company has grown to dominate both on-shores and off-shores drilling market. Apart from providing exemplary drilling services, the company is also known for the best drilling rigs in the market.

It’s no doubt that Anthony Petrello has done tremendous work at Nabor Industries. Since ascending into the leadership position, the company has had a record as a successful corporate enterprise and citizen. In the recent past, he has received more accolades for his involvement in charity initiatives. His generosity and spirit of devotion have considerably impacted the community. For instance, together with his wife Cynthia Petrello, they have committed to fund the establishment of a Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. Additionally, they have also pledged more donations once the facility is set up. The donations will significantly improve service delivery to children from the best professionals around the world. It will be the first facility in the world that is solely dedicated to the research and treatment of neurological disorders in children. The Petrellos were involved in a recent fundraising campaign for Texas Children Hospital where over five hundred thousand dollars were collected; the largest amount collected in the institution’s history.

Tony and Cynthia Petrello charity causes are personal. As an infant, their daughter Carena, developed periventricular leukemia (PVL ) due to insufficient supply of blood to her brain. She was born prematurely at 24 weeks and due to the condition, she has had to learn most basic functions that other children develop naturally. Tony has committed to provide his daughter the best care and has gone through a lot to ensure she copes with the developmental disability. Carena’s condition has inspired Tony Petrello to care for sick children all over the world and has consigned his time and resources to ensure they receive improved care.

CEO Tony Petrello has spread the culture of philanthropy to Nabors Industries. Under his helm, the company has been involved in a variety of charitable causes across the country. Furthermore, the company has set up Charitable Foundation that has benefited employees’ children with scholarships. As a believer of education, Tony has promised to donate not less than one fifty thousand dollars at Yale University in commemoration of professor Serge Lang.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco And The Necessary Elements Needed For Bradesco’s Sustained Growth

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of Brazil’s business leaders that are facing the country’s most challenging times, and it is through people like him that the entire recovery, economy and dynamics of the country’s financial growth highly depends on. To trace the growth of Bradesco and how the Presidential leadership of Mr. Trabuco has played over the years, we might need to recap what happened around last January 2018 when Luiz Carlos had still to announce Bradesco’s next successor as President.

Some of the leading options as successors for Bradesco’s new president include Alexandre Gluher, the head of Investor Relations; Josue Pancini, the Head of the Agency Network; Marcelo Noronha of the Cards and Investment Bank and Octavio de Lazari, who is the man responsible for Bradesco’s growth in the insurance field. These people have provided incredible work to make Bradesco as Brazil’s second-largest bank.

Recall, Trabuco’s leadership as CEO for Bradesco had already been delayed because of the extension of the age limit, which increased the age limit of service from 65 to 67 years and which was enacted last September 2016. A good leader is in demand, and as much as possible, these leaders are expected to continue to render service for the company because it’s not that easy to find a replacement for them. This is what’s happening with Luiz Carlos Trabuco, but unfortunately, the time has come where a new leader must be chosen.

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Mr. Trabuco also believes that the new leader for Bradesco should understand the importance of retaining the business culture of Bradesco according to Anything that deviates most fundamentally from Bradesco’s values risks the company to face hidden risks and complications that are still uncharted. Now only is it necessary that the business values of Bradesco are retained, but these core values should be upheld if Bradesco wants to continue its growth.

Another exciting thing that you may not have learned about Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the fact that he offers some of the most insightful analysis of Brazil’s recovery from the latest financial dilemmas, crisis and failed policies of the government. In an article from Brazil’s media, Mr. Trabuco seems to imply that there’s still no significant reason for Brazil to celebrate the latest recovery since this recent rise may be part of a cycle that later on would dip again. He says that there should be progressive policy reforms in the government so that the loopholes of its policies would find a fundamental fix that could sustain the recent recovery of Brazil’s economy.

About Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Being the Chairman of Banco Bradesco SA, Luiz Carlos Trabuco continues to be the man in charge of Bradesco’s banking enterprise. His background in Philosophy from the University of Sao Paulo and a postgraduate diploma in Social Psychology from Sao Paulo’s School of Sociology and Politics forms Mr.Trabuco’s strengths both as a business leader and innovator. He’s also the Chairman of The Board of Directors at Odontoprev and Chairman of the Board of Representatives of the Confederação Nacional das Instituições Financeiras – CNF.

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