Jeremy Goldstein & His Passion For Supporting People who Struggle with Mental Disabilities

Mental illness is more common now days than it has ever been in past eras. Despite living in a technologically advanced society, there are hundreds of millions of people who have a mental disability. There are also different levels of incapability for each person, but these people can still function to a certain degree. All hope truly isn’t lost and there are a number of great foundations that are fighting for the cause. Mental illness is global, which makes it a humanitarian crisis. Fortunately, there are people who have made it their mission to better mankind. Have you ever heard of a guy named Jeremy Goldstein?


Jeremy Goldstein, M.A., B.A., is a well-respected businessman, a lawyer and a writer. This guy is basically a jack of all trades to some degree, especially when it comes to finance and law. When it comes to providing leadership to the highest degree, Goldstein fits the bill perfectly. The Fountain House has chosen Goldstein to be one of its coveted members for its Board of Directors. Becoming more active and preparing mentally disabled people for a higher quality of life are some of the main goals. The Fountain House has been around since 1944, and it was started by six individuals. In addition to that, the six individuals were once patients at Rockland State Hospital in the municipality of Orangeburg, New York. This is up to 70 years of service and the small group named itself “we are not alone.” Those four, powerful words really cuts to the bone with great effect, which epitomizes the entire program.


The affluent “Wine Dinner” plays a huge role in the success of this particular program. This extraordinary luncheon has been attended by some of the most powerful people in New York City. Jeremy Goldstein has done a phenomenal job with bringing everyone together. He is basically the glue that holds everything in place and this special dinner generates a hefty amount of capital in the process. The idea is rather genius to some degree, but everyone is well-aware of Goldstein’s good intentions.


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