EOS Reviews Show New Top Of The Line Lip Balms

Evolution of Smooth has already begun releasing their Crystal lip balm products at select retailers, which includes online retailers like eBay and Amazon. These Crystal lip balms are made up with a formula that is wax free so that it does not leave the lips feeling sticky. Just like the rest of their EOS lip balms, they guarantee to improve the moisture and look of every user’s lips within a month of using the product. EOS products are made with amino acids and essential vitamins so that they will strengthen the skin and protect it from future harm, including sun damage.

EOS’s lip balm style stays the same with this new Crystal line, using the same circular shape for their container. They have made special packaging for these new Crystal lip balms that are nearly see-through, though this doesn’t have any effect no the product of course. Like the rest of EOS lip balms, they are under 5 dollars and last quite a long time with moderate use. The Crystal line also makes for a good gift, especially for those that are into beauty care or a small side gift for birthdays. This all-natural lip balm works great on all skin types and virtually everyone can find a use for it.

Through Evolution of Smooth’s website, they offer free shipping for their Crystal products for the time being. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of a discounted price and a great product. Evolution of Smooth also has guides and teaches customers how to better take care of their lips using their products. No one likes having damaged lips or skin and Evolution of Smooth is helping people maintain strong and healthy skin with their organic skin care products. With tons of different flavors to choose from, virtually anyone can find a lip balm they enjoy using.

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