Lime Crime Prospers Under New Leadership

Doe Deere, the founder of the Lime Crime cosmetics brand, announced that her company was acquired by Tengram Capital Partners. Tengram is a private equity firm that exclusively seeks to acquire highly recognizable consumer brands. The acquisition of popular brand is one of many companies that Tengram now has full ownership of. Stacy Panagakis, former general manager of Fresh, will succeed Deere as the new chief executive officer of Lime Crime. The brand is well-known for being strictly vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Ms. Panagakis had vowed to honor the brand’s original concept and values while it’s currently under her leadership.

Stacy Panagakis will strategically work alongside the brand’s longtime chief creative officer, Sasha Valentine. They’ll continue to preserve the brand’s whimsical style and create wildly bold colors for its future products. Ms. Panagakis has vast experience in the beauty and personal care industry. She has strategically marketed and helped generate massive exposure for Fresh and Stila Cosmetics as a team manager. The cult makeup brand’s former owner, Deere, had confidently expressed her satisfaction with Ms. Panagakis taking the reins. The brand will continue to flourish and make wise business decisions under the direction of Tengram Capital Partners. Deere will still be a part of the company and is actively serving on the Board of Directors.

As a brand, Lime Crime uniquely stood out from the rest of the cosmetic world. The company’s mainstay lip products are best known for having nontraditional hues such as sky blue, mossy green and lilac. It quickly became sensationalized online by Gen Xers everywhere and ended up garnering over 4.2 million followers on Instagram. The product’s formulas contain zero animal byproducts and are never tested on animals. Tengram’s new acquisition will ultimately work to enhance and build the brand up to its truest potential and more.