Recycling Takes Center Stage At Orange Coast College

The state of California is already known as a region of the U.S. with forward-thinking ideas about the environment and a two-year community college in the southern portion of the state is now looking to make a big impact with its reimagined recycling center. Across four decades, Orange Coast College has been a major part of the drive towards protecting the delicate climate of Southern California and the world as a whole; the problem Orange Coast College faced was an outdated recycling facility standing in the way of its lofty ambitions to recycle even more of California’s trash and unwanted items. Learn more:


2016 saw ground broken on a new recycling facility at Orange Coast College the residents of Southern California can be proud of and use in a range of different ways. A five-acre lot has been provided by the college for use as the recycling center housing a number of offices, meeting rooms, and showers available for use by the local community who have been placed at the heart of the planning and construction of the new facility. An improved and expanded parking area also provides space for 45 vehicles to ensure ease of use for staff and visitors to the facility. Learn more:


The Orange Coast College recycling facility has been created to expand the range of equipment and unused items which can be dropped off and recycled in the area. There are many benefits available to the people of the Santa Ana area of California including payments made on beverage containers and for certain forms of plastics being recycled through the facility. To ensure the newly opened recycling center is having as little impact on the environment as possible a range of solar panels have been installed to supply power to the offices and meeting rooms within.


Orange Coast College has been a big part of the community of Southern California since the two-year community college was opened in 1948. To help build a sense of community, Orange Coast College has published a weekly newspaper since its 1948 opening, “The Coast Report” has around 5,000 copies printed weekly for distribution at the college and across surrounding areas.