Rocketship Education Helps its Students to Gain Confidence

Not all schools are the same, and in Tennessee, some schools are aware of the academic progress of its students while others are not. Elementary schools in Davidson County have to wait an entire year to find out the growth of their students, and this means that when TNReady results are known, elementary schools will be focused on the proficiency of students. Nashville schools are beginning to adopt another way to track the progress of their students, and this is known as the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress, also known as MAP. This program helps to measure student growth in the school year.

Proficiency scores are very important and can tell if a student is on task or needs a little extra help to catch up. Growth scores determine where a student is despite when and where they started. Over 7,400 schools and districts are using MAP assessments to track the progress of their students, and Rocketship Public Schools have always used this system. Director Joseph has been using MAP in Metro Nashville Public Schools in the last year as well.

Growth is very important for all students but especially for students that come from poverty-stricken homes. Students that are living in impoverished conditions are at somewhat of a disadvantage and tend to be behind in school. Growth makes it possible to see where each student is and is able to help them to not only catch up in their schooling but also to get ahead. If a student remains in the 10th percentile, he or she is much more likely to drop out of school entirely, and this is one reason why it is so important that students stay on task.

Rocketship Public Schools offer personalized learning to their students and create a learning path that fits the needs of each and every one of their students. They help their students to unlock their talents and help parents to help their children to succeed. Rocketship Public Schools are changing communities through education and providing a higher education for its students so that they can achieve success and gain confidence.