Securus Technologies – Helping Law Enforcement Officers with Latest Investigative Technology

The field of investigative technology and services have seen a major transformation since the time Securus Technologies started their operations back in 1986. The company has a record of providing world class services to the inmates in the correctional facilities it serves. More than a million inmates use the inmate communications services offered by Securus Technologies, and over 2,400 law enforcement agencies use the investigative solutions and services provided by Securus Technologies.



Securus Technologies has helped in ways more than one to revamp the correctional industry by introducing new age technology. One of the primary reason it was able to achieve that is that of the company’s commitment towards the sector and its focus on research and development. The company has also established its technology center in Dallas, Texas, where a pool of technologists, scientists, and communication experts, work together to build futuristic technology for the correctional industry.



Securus Technologies is also one of the leading companies that have contributed to the correctional sphere through innovation. It is one of the sectors that didn’t see much change before Securus Technologies was established. The company ensured that it understood the problems of the inmates and gave the law enforcement officers exactly what they needed to operate efficiently and smartly to catch the criminals. Securus Technologies is one of the biggest names in the industry today, and it has been able to achieve so much due to the love it has been getting from all sides in the correctional industry.



Starting from the inmates to the law enforcement officers, people love the technology the company has been providing. As a law enforcement officer who has used various products and services offered by different technology companies over the years, I can say without a doubt that Securus Technologies is the best in the business. The products and services Securus Technologies offer are advanced and efficient.


Securus Technologies – Helping Law Enforcement Officers Perform Better

Securus Technologies is one of the prominent names in the correctional space, and since its inception till now has contributed significantly to the industry. The company continues to develop and offer new products and services that offer high productivity for the law enforcement agencies and its officers as well as helps the inmates to stay in contact with their loved ones.


The products and services of Securus Technologies have played a significant role in reducing the crime rate inside the prison as well as in the communities. It is because it taps the vital information from within its network that helps the law enforcement agencies to catch the offenders before they commit the crime at times, and with evidence that helps them get convicted in the court of justice with ease.


Securus Technologies invests heavily in the research and development. It does so to ensure that it retains its position on top in the correctional industry. Securus Technologies believes that there is still a massive scope for growth and development in the industry, and it does its part by focusing on research and development. For example, the company rolled out a new service called video visitation, where the inmates can chat as well as see their friends and families through the smart device.


It helps the families to avoid the expense and hassle of traveling all the way to the prison and gives the inmates access to more communication opportunities. Securus Technologies is also helping the law enforcement agencies to perform better with its unique set of investigative products and services. Many law enforcement officers write to the company admiring their services and saying how it helps them fulfill their duties efficiently, and parts of these letters were published online by the enterprise to showcase the contribution of the business to the sector in a positive manner.




Securus helps to Captures Criminals through its Phone System

This is especially true for incarcerated parents with children. Prisoners and their families often have to wait until visiting day to see each other. However, Securus is a video calling system that allows inmates and their loved ones to see each other on a more frequent basis.

However, Securus is also used for apprehending fugitives, discovering suspects and preventing crimes. Various law enforcement and correctional officials from around the nation have confessed that Securus is a great system for nabbing criminals.

Many inmates still have ties with criminal organizations and they typically have a knowledge of the crimes that are being committed out in public. A lot of criminals will keep in touch with inmates behind bars. Sometimes, they will say something or do something during a video call; that will alert authorities about a crime.

Many criminals will usually make an indirect comment about a crime that law enforcement officials have been unable to solve. This will then make some officials become suspicious or nervous.

Keep in mind that all people who contact inmates through the Securus system are usually checked and cleared by the police. So, if a strange or unauthorized individual starts to make calls to an inmate; correctional officers become very alarmed.

Correctional office facilities know that corruption inside of their prisons typically involves some member(s) of their staff. Some correction officers have been able to arrest crooked staff members who have been working in agreement with prisoners to bring contraband inside of a prison or to carry out escapes.

Many law enforcement organizations such as sheriff’s offices, police departments and correctional facilities all have vouched for the effectiveness of Securus. Once they suspect something is wrong and they can get a search warrant to look through Securus calls; they usually discover that they were right.