Chain Smokers and their Success in the Music Industry.

It is a formation of two American artists, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. One of them acts as the production manager while the other is a DJ. Despite been a very competitive industry, the duo has earned global recognition after releasing several hit songs. One of the tracks that propelled them to fame is the 2014 hit song called #Selfie. The track has been played in various media platforms and was ranked among the top 20 in various countries. In 2015, the duo released an album that comprised several tracks. Some of songs from the album that got the attention of many fans include Roses and Don’t Let Me Down. The former was among the top 10 while the latter was ranked among the top 5 in the US Billboard.

Alex Pall grew up in New York. He was introduced to Andrew Taggart by his manager during one of his performances. He has a vast experience in music production, song writing, and playing the piano. Currently, he is a resident of Los Angeles. Andrew Taggart was raised in Freeport. He is a graduate of Syracuse University where he majored in music business. He has always had a passion for music. He engaged into dance music at the age of 15 while on a tour to Argentina. He collaborated with Alex Pall to form Chain Smokers after graduating from college. He is also known for his excellent skills in song writing and production.

Over a year ago, the duo released an album titled Memories… Do Not Open. The debut album is still very popular among their fans. It has been ranked as first on the Billboard in the Dance/Electronic categories. It is expected to remain at the top for quite some time. The hits collection is tied with record-breaking Demon Days which was released by Gorillaz, it is still ranked at the top for more than 13 years now. The Chain Smokers managed 34 turns after the release of their album. The duo is expected to be among the top three soon due to their hard work.