Chain Smokers and their Success in the Music Industry.

It is a formation of two American artists, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. One of them acts as the production manager while the other is a DJ. Despite been a very competitive industry, the duo has earned global recognition after releasing several hit songs. One of the tracks that propelled them to fame is the 2014 hit song called #Selfie. The track has been played in various media platforms and was ranked among the top 20 in various countries. In 2015, the duo released an album that comprised several tracks. Some of songs from the album that got the attention of many fans include Roses and Don’t Let Me Down. The former was among the top 10 while the latter was ranked among the top 5 in the US Billboard.

Alex Pall grew up in New York. He was introduced to Andrew Taggart by his manager during one of his performances. He has a vast experience in music production, song writing, and playing the piano. Currently, he is a resident of Los Angeles. Andrew Taggart was raised in Freeport. He is a graduate of Syracuse University where he majored in music business. He has always had a passion for music. He engaged into dance music at the age of 15 while on a tour to Argentina. He collaborated with Alex Pall to form Chain Smokers after graduating from college. He is also known for his excellent skills in song writing and production.

Over a year ago, the duo released an album titled Memories… Do Not Open. The debut album is still very popular among their fans. It has been ranked as first on the Billboard in the Dance/Electronic categories. It is expected to remain at the top for quite some time. The hits collection is tied with record-breaking Demon Days which was released by Gorillaz, it is still ranked at the top for more than 13 years now. The Chain Smokers managed 34 turns after the release of their album. The duo is expected to be among the top three soon due to their hard work.

Alwx Pall Gives Insight on their Identity to Interview magazine

Alex Pall, one of the Chainsmokers (a DJ/Production duo) had an opportunity to share more about his musical career with Mathias Rozenzweig of the interview Magazine when they called the pair for an interview after the release of their song “Closer.” Mathias was interested to know more about their new song, how they planned to shape their identity as artists and grow their audience having chosen a genre that lacks in imagination and is entirely desolate of emotion.

Alex told the interview magazine that while he was DJing around New York City, he realized that dance music was quickly becoming a part of his life and he wanted to focus more on it. Their manager who was still his manager then introduced him to Andrew Taggart when his partner at the time was withdrawing from the Dj duo. When he met Andrew, they had the same ambitions and were both working towards shaping a similar identity and this immediately confirmed the possibility of them working together, he added.

Mr. Rozenzweig was impressed by the fact that unlike their peers, the Chainsmokers wrote their songs and in most cases, they sung about their lives. Pall responded by saying that writing their songs gave them a chance to have all their songs relate to each other and on songs they didn’t write they would be in the room guiding the songwriters because the songs are about them.

Alex Pall commended the-star-of-the-moment, Halsey, for doing an incredible job on their then recently released hit “Closer.” He informed the interview magazine that she had a strong voice and was defiantly herself throughout the song that they had composed on one of their tours drawing inspiration from Andrews teen years. Alex was excited about the song because he felt like it was on the right track towards shaping their identity.

When Mathias asked them the type of people they thought their music was connecting with, Pall said that he could tell through social media that their music was cutting across all age brackets and that was exciting for them. Andrew added that they had grown from making music for college ravers to making songs that a below 15 and above 30 audiences would relate. Alex finished by telling the magazine that for them, it was about creating a new experience for their fans, therefore promising to consider every age bracket when planning their shows and visuals.