Doe Deere Provides the Perfect Business Model for Success

Doe Deere has an interesting name, and an even more interesting life. Russian born, she grew up in the sprawling city of New York where she studied design and fashion. She found inspiration and was talented enough to start her own company Lime Crime Cosmetics. She also claims the distinction of being the first female entrepreneur to launch a makeup company online. No one can deny that she is a trendsetter and disrupter in her field. She now calls Los Angeles home, and her cosmetic line is colorfully bold and free from harmful ingredients and chemicals.

What Drives Doe Deere’s Success?

Inspiration always comes from somewhere. Deere started out with her own clothing design. She was also a model for her own website clothing line. When becoming frustrated that she couldn’t find the bright colors she wanted, she created her own. This is usually the case with entrepreneurs who find a way to fulfill a need—even it if is their own.

A love for makeup and fairy tales also drives her creative abilities. This love provides the basis for her product line of makeup that is fun and environmentally-friendly. The unicorn is her choice for a company mascot. Many retail and online stores, local and international, carry her product lines.

She started operations in 2004 and sold some of her clothing lines through eBay where she opened her first digital store. It took her less than a year to realize a steady stream of sales. She launched her makeup line four years later. She understood good marketing and provided online tutorials that flourished in popularity.

Education and Experience Always Matter

Education is also critical for success with any endeavor. Entrepreneurs usually have a strong grasp of their own industry trends, and this enables them to get out in front of the competition. Lime Crime taught Doe Deere a lot about fashion trends and how they flow. Another quality of most entrepreneurs is that they simply “do” it. They have no real idea of how things will unfold.

She also blogged about her products and things related to them. Any entrepreneur will attest that blogging can help establish authority on a subject. It is important to express knowledge about topics that a person cares about the most. She offers wise advice to always lend an ear to customer feedback. Customers spread the good news about products they like, and they also spread the news about products they do not like. Joe Deere is up-and-coming, and worthy of the respect she is gaining in her industry.


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